Unlocking a Medicare Device


Q: What does an open device do that a closed device does not do?
A: An open device allows you to access the internet, third party software, and most applications available on the android market, which includes social media apps.

Q: When can I open my device?
A: When Medicare is the primary insurance carrier, devices can now be opened at any time. This includes devices that are already with Medicare beneficiaries or are currently in the funding process and have not yet been shipped. Those devices can be opened prior to shipping as long as the key has been paid for by the beneficiary.

Q: How do I open my device?
A: Contact the customer service team at Tobii Dynavox at 1-800-344-1778 (Option 3). If you have ordered a device, but it has not yet been shipped, you will be connected with your funding consultant to change your order.  If you already have a device, customer service will walk you through the process to purchase a key.

Q: How much will it cost to open my device?
A: The cost to obtain an open key to unlock your device is $49.00. Any additional costs such as internet access, phone service, applications or third party software may be additional and would be arranged by the user or the user’s caregiver and are not provided by Tobii Dynavox.

Q: Will Medicare cover the cost to open my device or any of the new features that I will gain access to?
A: No, Medicare will not cover the cost to unlock the device or any of the additional features that can now be added. This includes fees for the internet, phone service or other modifications that may be made to the device once it is opened.

Questions? Call our customer service team at 1-800-344-1778