Tobii Dynavox I-Series+
Ready When You Are


From face-to-face to long distance communication, the I-Series+ adapts to your lifestyle and can be used indoors, outdoors, in bed, at the dinner table – anywhere, anytime.

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Modern design, built to last

Tobii Dynavox I-Series+ devices are built to withstand everyday use, regardless if the devices are carried by hand or mounted on a wheelchair. With scratch resistant Gorilla Glass™, a solid state hard drive (SSD) that withstands impacts, a clean, modern design with an optional integrated eye tracker* as well as no cables or other components sticking out, I-Series+ devices are less prone to getting caught on things or breaking.

Being IP43 classified means that the I-Series+ devices are proven to resist moisture and particles.


Batteries that last, and last – for 24 hour communication

Hot swappable batteries give you up to nine hours of non-stop communication on one charge. With power optimized settings such as the built-in auto brightness adjustment and the unique Wake on Gaze™ and Sleep on Gaze™, you can conserve battery life giving you 24 hour access to communication, without charging. Hot swappable batteries allow for endless communication as they can be charged and changed without disrupting usage.

Unique Wake-on-Gaze™ and Sleep-on-Gaze™

Put your I-Series+ device to sleep or wake it up by simply gazing at an “eye button” located outside of the screen. For example, you might want to read in bed before going to sleep. Simply turn off the device when you are done, and when you wake up, quickly follow the illuminators that guide you to the eye button and turn on the device. No blue computer screen keeping you awake at night.


Built-in stand, handle and versatile mounting

With a wide range of mounting options you can communicate from any location, in bed, at the dinner table, at school etc. The wedge design and auto screen rotation lets you stand the device upright for gaze interaction, without having to mount the device, or lay it down for touch interaction. While on the move, a built in handle makes carrying between locations easy. Tobii Dynavox I-Series+ devices also come with a reversible mounting plate that supports both REHAdapt and Daessy mounting systems for use at home or school.


“The greatest innovation is Wake-on-Gaze: Thanks to this feature the device is always on and ready for usage in any situation – with an unbelievable battery run time.”

-Kathrin Lemler, Tobii user and beta tester

“Tobii has given me a tool that has changed my life. It has given me freedom to say whatever I want to say, when I want to say it.”

-Ryan Carter, Beta Tester