When Bigger is Better

Get the bigger picture with the T15…

When bigger is better

With a crystal clear 15.4-inch screen and weighing under 4 lbs., the T15 is the ideal purpose-built communication solution for individuals who require larger letters or symbols because of their visual or physical skills. The T15 is also easily mounted for convenient access and portability. It’s the industry’s BIGGEST dedicated Speech-Generating Tablet.

Access your way

The T15 supports multiple access methods including direct select, scanning, and head mouse capabilities. The new fully integrated switch ports and built-in infrared technology make it easy for the user to choose how they want to communicate and to take control of their environment.

Compass on the big screen

Flexible and robust, Compass brings effective and efficient communication to the T15. Loaded with the most extensive language content available on any AAC solution, Compass includes pagesets and access features optimized for the T15. The High Contrast PCS symbol set is great for T15 users!

Connected to myTobiiDynavox.com

myTobiiDynavox is a seamless way to back up, update, and personalize your Compass solution. It’s a great way for your entire communication team — therapists, educators, caregivers and loved ones — to connect to you, share communication pages and personalize settings.

Please note: If unlocked, the T15 will have limited additional functionality. Google Play and the Amazon app store are not compatible with the T15 as well.

It’s augmentative communication without compromise.