Unlock the full potential of your Tobii Dynavox solution!


You can be there to support your loved one’s communication growth, even when you can’t be right there next to them. Update photos and provide stories to share on their Compass solutions from the next room, around the corner, or across the country. Share and connect with your loved one through the Cloud. That’s the power of myTobiiDynavox!


myTobiiDynavox connects the entire team, family, caregivers, and speech-language pathologist, to empower collaboration and supporting of your loved one’s communication. Communication pages are shared across your entire team and personal settings are quickly updated. Anytime. Anywhere.


Access an entire community of clinicians, technical experts, and other families who are committed to their loved one’s success, too. Get expert feedback, customer support and clinical best practices from a community dedicated to more successful communication, all through your free myTobiiDynavox account.


Safely store back-ups of all your loved one’s personalized Tobii Dynavox content. This ensures the entire team will always have access to all of the custom communication pages and tools.

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