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Compass is an innovative, flexible, and robust multilanguage communication solution that empowers individuals with complex communication needs. Asking a question and sharing what’s on your mind, or even telling someone what you might want to eat and drink are not luxuries, but necessities for life. Compass gives our users the confidence that comes through clear communication. Compass creates a world of possibility for fast and efficient communication, providing the largest variety of content available in any AAC solution. Chart Your Course With multiple communication pagesets to choose from, including the one-of-a-kind Stroke & Brain Injury Persona, you have the opportunity to customize Compass to your needs. The Pageset Wizard guides you to the communication pageset that best supports your personal communication needs.

Operating system Windows 7 or higher is required for desktop software (Windows Vista, XP or RT are not supported)
Apple iOs, iPad 2 or newer (iPad 1 is no longer supported)
Supported eye trackers I-Series Classic, I-Series+, PCEye Go
Additional requirements and considerations

See the Compass App Overview on the product page for an overview over the different Compass solutions.

Compass App (Trial/Subscription/Companion Version)

This installer requires a account. Download this version of the Tobii Dynavox Compass App for use with a Compass 30-day trial, a Compass subscription or as a companion to a registered Tobii Dynavox Device. Only one Tobii Dynavox Compass App can be attached to your account at a time.

windows icon Compass 2.4.1 Installer for Windows
Apple iOs icon Compass 2.4.1 Installer for iOs (opens in Itunes)

Compass App (Windows Perpetual version)

This installer requires a license code. This version of the Tobii Dynavox Compass App is for Windows computers and is a One-time Purchase. Only one Tobii Dynavox Compass App can be attached to your account at a time.

If you had the Trial version installed earlier, please deinstall it prior installing the Windows Perpetual license.

windows icon Compass Installer 2.5.0

Compass Editing Software

The Compass editing software allows you to create and edit Compass pagesets on any Windows computer. It does not include voices. A account is not required but recommended for sharing your pagesets.

windows icon Compass Editing Installer 2.5.0

Series 5 pageset converter

Use this tool to convert your Dynavox Series 5 pagesets to Compass. Please note that this tool can only provide limited conversions, some button actions or links might need to be reprogrammed.

windows icon Series 5 to Compass Pageset Converter

Acapela Voices

The Compass software installer includes Ivona voices. For additional Acapela voices please purchase them from the

Weblink Icon MyTobii Dynavox Store

Video Codecs / Filters

To play embedded videos you may need to install separate Windows codecs if they aren’t already installed on your computer. We suggest the open-source DirectShow filter LAV Filters.

Weblink Icon LAV filters on Github

Release Notes

PDF-icon Compass Release Notes

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