Support and Downloads for I-Series+ (I-12+, I15+)


The I-Series+ consists of the Tobii Dynavox I-12+ and I-15+, two speech generating devices that can be controlled through gaze interaction via an optional built-in eye tracker. The I-Series+ is optimized for individuals with Cerebral Palsy, Rett, ALS or Stroke/Aphasia, who rely on augmentative and alternative communication to make their voices heard, in order to live more independent and integrated lives.

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Which mobile phones can be connected to the I-Series or I-Series+?

The Tobii I-Series supports a Bluetooth standard called MAP (Message Access Profile) used by e.g. the automobile industry. You will find that a broad range of modern phones easily can be connected to Tobii Communicator 4.8 or later on your Tobii I-Series* if they follow the MAP specifications. However, some might not be able to fully use speech in phone calls, send or receive text messages. After connecting, Tobii Communicator will tell you if your phone supports all or only some features.

The following phones are specifically tested by Tobii and known to fully support all mobile communication features of Tobii Communicator and the I-Series:

  • LG P880 Optimus 4X
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100)**
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300)**
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo (GT-I9301I)***
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500)**
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9506)***
  • Nexus 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Active SM-G870A
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F)***
  • Samsung Note 4 SM-N910T
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact D5803***
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII (Verizon), Pebble Blue (SCH-I535)***
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 (Verizon) (SM-G920V)***

Tobii is aiming to update this list with 5 popular phones each year and carefully choose the phones to have a variety from all prize ranges and full availability in most markets.

The following phones have been reported as not or not fully compatible with the MAP bluetooth standard used in the Tobii I-Series:

  • Blackberry 9800
  • Blackberry Pearl 9100
  • HTC Incredible S
  • IPhone 4
  • IPhone 5
  • Motorola Razr XT910
  • Motorola Defy
  • Motorola Droid 4
  • Nokia 701
  • Nokia C5 00
  • Nokia E75
  • Nokia Lumia
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337
  • Samsung Wave II

Please note:
* to connect a mobile phone to your Tobii I-Series, you need Tobii Communicator 4.8 or later. Radio-free versions of the I-Series (as sold in Argentina, Brazil, China and Japan) can not connect via bluetooth.

** we test the international versions of the recommended phones. There are local versions or mobile carier specific versions (e.g. the Samsung Galaxy S3 from Verizon in the US) available that might not fully support MAP.

***compatible with Communicator 5.

How do i connect my phone to my I-Series?

The I-Series Bluetooth solution is fully integrated in Tobii Communicator and supports calling and text messaging. Text messaging is done through either Message Access Profile (MAP) or Serial Port Profile(SPP). Most new phones use MAP, while some older models use SPP for text messaging.

Setting Up Mobile Phone With Tobii Communicator:

  1. Open I-Series Control Center and ensure that a valid product key is entered for Bluetooth communication. Also, make sure Bluetooth is enabled in the Wireless tab.
  2. Start Communicator and go to Settings — Mobile Phone Settings.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on the phone and make sure that the phone is made visible to other Bluetooth devices. Now select Connect to Mobile Phone in the settings menu.
  4. Once your phone is found and displayed in the list, highlight it and press Connect. Both Communicator and your phone will display a pairing code. Verify that the same code is displayed on both devices, and confirm the connection by pressing OK.5. Depending on whether or not your phone supports messaging through Bluetooth, the I-Series device should now request access to the phone’s text messages. A message will show up on your phone, asking you to allow access. Unless you allow the I-Series device to access text messages, the text messaging functionality will not work. Please note that the I-Series device will import your previous text message history once you allow access.
Please see the article Which mobile phones can be connected to the Tobii I-Series? for an overview of phones supporting the MAP Bluetooth standard used in the Tobii I-Series.

How do I change display orientation on my I-Series device?

The I-Series and I-Series+ devices can be used in both upright as well as resting orientation. To facilitate this, I-Series Control Center allows you to specify whether the display should automatically rotate according to the device orientation, or whether it should always be in a specific orientation. To change the display orientation setting, launch I-Series Control Center from your desktop. Select theDisplay tab and set the preferred setting for display orientation.

Please note that the positioning of the eyetracker and Gaze Interaction is optimized for upright use. Some users might experience that it still works for them even in resting orientation but the majority wont be able to use it. The same calibration cannot be used for both orientations but you have to recalibrate if you change display orientation.

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