Support and Downloads for the MyTobii D10


– discontinued –

The MyTobii D10 is a stationary 17” flat panel computer display with built-in Tobii Eye Control, that can be connected to any external PC. The screen can be mounted either at the standard desk stand or a flexible mounting arm.

This product was discontinued in 2008 and Support and Service ended 2013-08-31.

Display 17 inch TFT 1280×1024 pixels
Dimensions 415 x 470 x 170 mm
Weight 9 kg
Mounting Industry standard VESA mount
Working distance 50-70 cm / 20-27 in
Freedom of head-movement 30 x 15 x 20 cm/12 x 6 x 8 inch (w x h x d)
Top head-motion speed 10 cm/s or 4 in/s
Gaze data rate 40 data points/s
Accuracy of gaze estimation 0.5° (~0.5cm)
Max head movement compensation error around 1.0°
Max long-term deterioration of accuracy around 1.0°

Minimum System Requirements for a computer used with the MyTobii D10:

Processor Intel 1.3 GHz CPU
Memory (RAM) n/a
Hard Disk n/a
Operating system Windows XP
Connectors VGA D-Sub (RGB) connector VGA output
Standard USB port
Firewire (IEEE 1394) port

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