Support and Downloads for PCEye 1st generation


– Discontinued –

The Tobii PCEye was the first generation of peripheral eye trackers.

Sales was discontinued 2013-08-16 and Support will end 2018-08-31.

PCEye Software Suite

Use this installer if you didn’t have a PCEye on this computer before and want to do a complete installation of all required files. The web installer is a smaller file (about 250 MB) but requires internet to complete the installation. The offline installer (500 MB) comes with all required software and can be used offline.

windows icon PCEye Suite Web Installer
windows icon PCEye Suite Offline Installer

Quick Guides

PDF-icon Mounting Instruction Fixed Mount

Manufacturers Warranty

PDF-icon Manufacturers Warranty EUROW
PDF-icon Manufacturers Warranty USA / Canada

Other Documents

PDF-icon PCEye Declaration of Conformity
PDF-icon PCEye Safety and Compliance
PDF-icon Device Decontamination Recommendation

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