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Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) are a range of drawings created by Mayer-Johnson that represent words and or phrases. They are traditionally used in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and can be used with both High tech and low tech communication systems. There are many examples of people using symbols of all types around the world for a variety of reasons in addition to AAC. Symbols can make an environment more inclusive. We can label items or areas with symbols so that people using different languages can understand. Hospitals often label there signage with symbols to enable people to more easily navigate the hospital environment. Multilingual communication boards have also been created to support refugees coming into a new country so that they can get the help they require quickly.

If you want to use PCS Symbols with your own product or make printed copies of it, please see our Weblink Icon copyright policy.

PCS Symbols for Communicator

System Requirements for PCS Symbols for Communicator:

Required Software Communicator 5
Windows System Requirements See Communicator System Requirements
Mac System Requirements Communicator is not available for Mac

PCS Symbol libraries

Communicator comes with Symbolstix symbol libraries but you can download and intall our PCS Symbols for free.

windows icon PCS Symbols for Communicator 5.

PCS Symbols for Boardmaker

System Requirements for PCS Symbols for Boardmaker:

Required Software Boardmaker, Boardmaker Plus!, Boardmaker Studio or Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro v.6 or higher.
Windows System Requirements Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
Mac System Requirements Mac 10.2.8 up to 10.10

PCS Supplemental Libraries for Boardmaker

Included in Boardmaker Classic is a Core collection of 4,500 PCS symbols.  If you want to either localise your product or introduce other countries and cultures through symbols you can download our free Country specific content using the Supplimental libraries.

Each of the below zip files contains the country specific symbol libraries, an index file and the installation instructions. Following download, right click on the file, choose unzip and then follow the included instruction sheet.

PCS Addendums for Boardmaker

We have a further 7,000 symbols that you can add to your core collection that have been created to keep your symbol user up to date.  To purchase our addendums, or other simbl libraries, please contact your local Tobii Dynavox sales representative or reseller or visit our webshop:

icon_link-internal_16x16 Mayer-Johnson webshop

PCS Symbols for your own product or school use

PCS Symbol libraries

Our PCS Symbol libraries can be used in Tobii Dynavox software, printed material and other third party products. For uses that do not conform with the copyright guidelines, you will need to request permission.

For details about our copyright policy and to find out if your application requires permission, please visit Weblink Icon

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