Introducing the T-Series

Communication within Reach

The T-Series devices are purpose-built communication systems combining tablet-style form, function and features together with the industry’s most robust, research-based communication software, Tobii Dynavox Compass. Together, it’s augmentative communication without compromise.


Let your hands do the talking

Consisting of three speech generating devices with a 7, 10 and 15 inch touch screen, the T-Series devices are suitable for ambulatory users who have good dexterity in their hands. By writing messages on the screen, either with symbols or text, the T-Series of your choice will speak the message out loud, allowing you to express your wants and needs, or to chime in during a conversation!

With three versatile sizes, best in class communication software and plenty of accessories to choose from, users will be able to find the speech generating device that is just right for them.

Slim package, full speech generating device power

Built with tablet-style form, function, and features in mind, from a distance, the T-Series devices resemble an everyday tablet. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll realize the T7, T10, and T15 each pack the full speech generating device power you’ve come to expect from Tobii Dynavox devices, just in a slimmer, more portable shell. The T-Series brings powerful communication that is designed for you!

And, for the first time, thanks to the Student Center app, play any Boardmaker activity on your T-Series device. The Student Center app is free with any Boardmaker Online subscription and the download link can be found on

Purpose built for everyday use and communication

Based on Tobii Dynavox’s extensive experience in the field of AAC, the T-Series has been expertly engineered and purposely built for not only communication, but to also withstand rough, everyday use.

Thanks to front facing speakers, the voice of the user will be easily heard, even in noisy environments such as on the bus, in the classroom or out and about at the mall or playground.

For users who are required to use switch input, scanning, a headmouse, or IR, the T-Series devices support all of these access solutions. All devices are also prepared for mounting, so those who want to put their T-Series device on a wheelchair, can easily do so.

Tobii Dynavox Snap Scene™, the instant scene-based communication and language learning app, is now included on all T-Series devices! To learn more about Snap Scene, please click here!

Extend the Protection on your T-Series Device with

Tobii Dynavox devices may be ordered in Standard or Dedicated setups. The Dedicated setup is designed specifically to run communication software only. The user will nothave access to other applications, like environmental controls. This setup meets the “Speech Generating Device” requirements of Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurers who generally follow Medicare’s Speech Generating Device guidelines.