Happy Monday FunDay! Holly here! This week, I’m introducing you to Voice Banking and providing you with a document that will teach you how to be successful with Voice Banking. At the bottom of this page, I also threw in a few of our upcoming webinars. Enjoy!

Voice Banking Resource

Voice banking is a strategy in which you record and save portions of an individual’s speech. Often, these recordings are later used on communication devices. Voice banking is usually used by individuals who have progressive conditions such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). These individuals are at risk for their ability to communicate through speech deteriorating. Therefore, they choose to record themselves speaking.

The resource below provides some tips for recording with Communicator 5 or Compass software as well as ModelTalker, a web based recording tool to create a personal synthetic voice.

 Tobii Dynavox Voice Banking Resource


New Webinars!

All webinars are 12-1pm ET:

  • Wednesday March 23rd – myTobiiDynavox: Managing your Communication Content (.1 ASHA CEU) Register here.
  • Thursday April 7th – Using the Communication Tools in Core First: Register here.
  • Wednesday April 13th – Communicator 5 and Sono Flex (.1 ASHA CEU) Register here.
  • Thursday April 21st – Exploring PODD 15 Preschool & School Pagesets (.1 ASHA CEU) Register here.
  • Thursday May 12th – Compass & the NavBar Pageset. Register here.
  • Thursday May 26th – Personalizing with Digital Images in Compass & Communicator 5 (.1 ASHA CEU) Register here.
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