Communication is Essential

Published: 30/03/2020 19:22

Are you supporting patients who are in the hospital during the Coronavirus pandemic? 

Communication is essential for someone whose health status is rapidly changing, especially those who are on a ventilator.  We want to make sure these individuals can communicate their needs and be able to direct their care.

These patients need communication solutions that are always available.  Below you’ll see options for communication boards that can be printed or opened on a tablet or computer.   

Text Communication Board

Symbol Communication Board

Choose the one that is most appropriate to provide to you patient.  Leave the printed communication board in the patient’s room or e-mail the file directly to the patient or caregiver.  Establish with medical staff and caregivers how the boards will be used to communicate with the patient.  Here are a few options for how these boards can be implemented:

If your patient can point, place the communication board in a place where your patient can readily access it.  Then your patient can easily communicate important messages like "I have a question" or "I need help." 

If your patient cannot point, use partner assisted scanning.  There are instructions for how to implement partner assisted scanning on page 3 of each communication board. There are two important things to remember during partner assisted scanning:

  1. Establish a ‘yes’ response, for example a blink, an upward eye gaze, or raising the eyebrows.  
  2. Allow enough time for the patient to respond before moving on to the next row or cell on the communication board.

Communication boards are also available in different language. Click here to watch how to access them.

We are in this together

Tobii Dynavox will continue to provide resources to help support you during these uncertain times. We also invite you to see what live web events we’re running on our support page.  Check out our Learning Hub for free on-demand courses that also provide ASHA CEUs.

For more "at home learning" resources and supports, click here. 

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