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Published: 01/04/2020 19:03

The Coronavirus pandemic has created unusual circumstances for us all. Tobii Dynavox wants to help as you are navigating home learning, social distancing, teletherapy, and new precautions to keeping you and those you support healthy.

We’ve all had to make significant changes to our daily routines which can be uncomfortable and even upsetting. Changes in routines are difficult for children – especially when they occur so rapidly. To help, we’ve created various supports using Picture Communication Symbols (PCS®).

Home Learning Schedule – This Home Learning Schedule will help to bring some routine and familiarity back to your child’s day. Create a new schedule with your child each day so they know what to expect.

What is Coronavirus? book and Coronavirus Social Story - Read these stories to the children you support and introduce them to new vocabulary related to the pandemic.  

As you are reading these stories with your child, create opportunities for conversation by engaging in shared reading.  You can use the following strategies to help guide you.

Comment:  Make a comment about the page you are reading.  This provides an example of what your child can say.  You might say “Sometimes I worry about getting sick, but I know I can wash my hands to help.” Make sure you pause to provide a chance for your child to comment too.

Ask:  Ask a question to encourage your child to share how they connect to what you are reading.  In these books you might ask “What do you do to stay healthy?” or “How do you feel about staying home?”

Respond:  Acknowledge what your child communicated.  Make sure you are providing access to vocabulary to be able to respond.  If you don’t have a device, consider these low tech supports that your child can look at or point to.  Maybe your child points to the ‘wash hands’ picture on the Coronavirus vocabulary board, so you might say “That’s right!  We need to make sure to wash our hands to stay healthy.”

Coronavirus Vocabulary and Low-Tech Core Vocabulary boards - Your child may not use the vocabulary on these communication boards or on a device and that’s ok.  Maybe your child looked out the window or looked away from the book. You might respond by saying ‘It is hard to stay inside, it’s a lot to think about.  We will be able to go outside again soon.’

If you need more guidance on creating opportunities for conversation while reading, check out this video on Shared Reading.  

To see all these resources, and more, in one place, please click here

For more “At home learning” resources, please click here. Additionally, we invite you to see what live web events we’re running. And don’t forget to check out our Learning Hub for free on-demand courses that also provide ASHA CEUs.

Thank you for turning to Tobii Dynavox as your partner to support children in understanding and being able to talk about Coronavirus.

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