It’s Time to Unwrap Snap™ Core First®

Published: 14/12/2017 18:30

Sometimes it just makes sense to open holiday presents early, especially one that leads to a bigger gift. So how about sitting down with your child today and opening Snap Core First together? Unwrap this popular symbol-based AAC app, start using it right away (it’s that easy!) and you’re sure to find greater gifts at hand, including:

Quality time. Since Snap Core first is super easy to set up, edit and navigate, it gives more of what you really want: time for heart-to-heart talks with your child, hearing and answering their questions, sharing stories of holidays past and getting the whole family involved in the conversation.

Language. With Snap Core First, your child can easily communicate with words and messages they know or learn new ways to communicate in the moment using a mix of core, fringe and personal vocabulary organized to promote skills development and growth.


Support. Our list would not be complete without mentioning the free Pathways for Core First companion app. Meant to be a guide for parents and others helping children use Snap Core First every day, Pathways delivers all you need for the task—lesson plans, how-to videos and top tips to take you far.

Success. As Pathways notes, communication success comes in many forms—initiating communication, paying more attention to interactions or holding longer interactions. It can mean that with each interaction, the child using Snap Core First uses more vocabulary, pages or other features of the app. Their growing independence in and enjoyment of communication are also signs of success—and great gifts for both of you

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