Use Core Vocabulary to Support Communication with Your Child

Published: 06/04/2020 21:26

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to stop working on growing your child’s communication skills. Tobii Dynavox wants to help by providing ideas of how you can use core vocabulary to support communication with your child.

You may not realize it, but you are already using core words when you talk to your child, so it’s not something new you have to learn. In fact, you are using core words in about 80% of what you say every day. Core words are great words to target for a child using AAC because they are so common. 

Core words have application throughout your child’s day, and they are words they hear others use all day long. They are also great words to use to help your child understand the Coronavirus pandemic and be able to talk about the changes they experience going on around them.  Follow this structure for introducing core words to your child at home.  

Find It - This just means showing your child where the core word is on the device.  This is as simple as "I'm looking for the word can.  Look!  I see it in the middle of the page, I'm going to touch it to hear what it says."

Use It - Once you and your child know where to find the word, you can start using it throughout the day.  To start, you can do this by modeling.  Modeling means using the core word on your child's device as you say it.  This gives your child an idea of how they could use the word too!  Watch this video to see how you can use 'can' and 'not' while planning a daily schedule.

Read It - Literacy learning doesn’t have to stop just because your child isn’t able to attend therapy or go to school.  Use our free Core First Learning Books that target one core word per book.  Read the book with your child and model the target word on the device as you read it.  This is a great way to build the connection between communication and literacy with core vocabulary as that bridge!


Core and Coronavirus: Can and Not

Use this same structure to introduce new core words over the next weeks, the more your child sees how they can use these words, the more likely he or she is to start using these words to communicate with you!  


To find all our Coronavirus related resources, click here. Additionally, we invite you to see what live web events we’re running. And don’t forget to check out our Learning Hub for free on-demand courses that also provide ASHA CEUs.

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