Communicate your way

Whether you’re an emerging, symbol-based or literate communicator, our pre-installed solutions let you start at any point on your communication journey, then quickly adjust to your changing needs. 

TD Control

Makes eye gaze interaction on select Tobii Dynavox devices possible. Allows eye control of the Windows environment and the ability to independently launch and use all apps that come with your device. Also enables gaming on a wide selection of popular titles using just your eyes.

Snap Scene

Snap Scene is an instant scene-based language learning app for emergent communicators that turns everyday moments into learning opportunities. Ideal for non-verbal children, it lets you take photos and tag them with recordings for natural, spontaneous communication. 

TD Snap

TD Snap offers caregivers and professionals a choice of AAC solutions to meet the needs of people with a wide range of speech and language disabilities. All page sets come with powerful tools and resources to help simplify and enrich communication.

Communicator 5

Communicator 5 is designed to help literate individuals with language disabilities communicate more efficiently. It converts text and images into speech and offers e-mail, text messaging, telephone, and control of the home environment. Provides seamless, independent access to Facebook, Netflix, YouTube and more via Accessible Apps.

Communicator 5 Accessible Apps

Communicator 5 Accessible Apps helps literate individuals with language disabilities communicate more efficiently by converting text and images into speech and offering e-mail, SMS, telephone, and control of the home environment. Provides seamless, independent access to Facebook, Netflix, YouTube and more via Accessible Apps. 

Additional apps & resources

Mirror for Android™

A way to access your Android phone or tablet by mirroring it onto your I-Series device and controlling it via Computer Control. Make phone calls, send text messages, read eBooks, and more.

Pathways for Core First

A free companion app for TD Snap, packed with clear, simple advice to help you succeed with AAC. 

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Pathways for Snap Scene

A free, dedicated companion app for Snap Scene, designed for parents, caregivers and educators. Packed with expert advice and tools to help jumpstart the learning process.

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Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) 

An evidence-based reading program accessible through touch, eye gaze and scanning. Designed to teach basic reading skills to students who are non-verbal and require AAC.

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Gaze Viewer

Gaze Viewer, together with an eye tracker, records real eye tracking data from any application. This can help you understand an individual user’s physical capabilities, cognitive understanding, and use of an eye tracker.

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A free, cloud-based resource for backing up customized Tobii Dynavox apps and sharing among your communication team. 

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Out of the box experience

A free online resource to help you get started with the I-Series that includes a Quick Start Guide and Software Training Cards to support you in setting up the software of your choice.

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Boardmaker Student Center

An educational app where students of all abilities can access customized visual supports and symbol-adapted educational material assigned to them by their SLPs or special ed teachers.

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Discover Tobii Dynavox

A free resource pre-installed on your device with helpful information on getting started, practical teaching tips and ideas for growing language and literacy skills.

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Third party app compatability

Please note that new I-Series features and functions are optimized for Communicator 5 and Snap Core first, and are not supported by other software.

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Windows Control 2 incompatibility

Computer Control has replaced Windows Control 2 on the new I-Series. Windows Control 2 is not compatible.

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