Message Banking

A free and open message bank for people at risk of losing their voice.

Message Banking is a way for individuals, like those with ALS, to preserve their voice and maintain a personalized connection with family and friends. 

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The goal with Message Banking is to provide a free and open message bank for people at risk of losing their voice, like for those with ALS. It lets you preserve your voice and maintain a personalized connection with family and friends.

The system guides people through the message banking process. It helps organize, store, and download messages for use on any system that can replay them.

Use of the Message Banking system is free to the user. So is storing and downloading messages for personal use. Also, the system will work on various types of AAC devices and communication software.

Developed with Boston Children's Hospital

Spearheaded by John Costello, Message Banking is a joint beta project between Boston Children’s Hospital Department of Otolaryngology and Tobii Dynavox. 

After all, communication is the thread that connects us all.

John Costello, MA, CCC-SLP

Director at Boston Children’s Hospital

John Costello of Boston Children’s Hospital

Preserving your acoustical fingerprint

Message Banking lets you preserve your voice and maintain a personalized connection with family and friends. It gives you a way to record and "bank" words and phrases. The result is a library of personalized messages, including those that may be unique and that hold special meaning. It lets your personality shine through.

Banking messages on

To bank messages on, you first create the recordings. We recommend a high-quality recorder to best preserve your voice, such as a Zoom H1 recorder. We currently support the .wav file format.

The Message Banking process:

  1. Record your first round of messages and upload them to
  2. Once uploaded, the IBM Watson supercomputer transcribes the messages and returns a text.
  3. Listen to uploaded messages and accept or correct the transcription.
  4. Tag messages with one or more categories, so you’re able to find them later.
  5. Upload more messages whenever you have them.
  6. Download your messages as a .zip and use them on your device or communication software.

You can store messages on for as long as you need them.

Message banking and Communicator 5

Message Banking works with various devices and software. We have created special features in Communicator 5 that makes it easy to import and use your banked messages.

You can import your .wav audio files from the .zip’ed message bank file. Recordings are automatically imported to the “My Phrases” area and added to Phrase pages. The messages are categorized by the tags you’ve assigned.

Text from the transcribed messages is used in Prediction. This means that you can use message banked recordings instead of TTS when that phrase is selected.

Message banking resources

Please feel free to download any of the Message Banking resources below.

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