Compass Software Installer

Compass for Trial/Subscription/Companion:
This installer requires a account. Download this version of the Tobii Dynavox Compass App for use with a Compass 30-day trial, a Compass subscription or as a companion to a registered Tobii Dynavox Device. The Tobii Dynavox Compass App can be used once per Tobii Dynavox Device.

Compass Windows Perpetual App:
This installer requires a license code. This version of the Tobii Dynavox Compass App is for Windows computers and is a One-time Purchase. If you had the Trial version installed earlier, please uninstall it prior to installing the Windows Perpetual version of Compass.

Compass Editing Software:
The Compass editing software allows you to create and edit Compass pagesets on any Windows computer. It does not include voices. A account is not required but recommended for backing up and sharing your pagesets.

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